Free Facebook and Instagram Ads Beginners Mini Course

This section summarizes an A-Z traffic campaign using the ads manager with a practical product example. How to initiate your campaign, choose your audience, budget, ad creative and launch it. Note that the traffic objective was used here for demonstration for a basic campaign that can work with or without a website. You are able to check all objectives, recommendations, targeting, custom audiences and retargeting in the complete ads course.

Want to grow your skills and business to the next level? Check the complete Facebook & Instagram ads course outline below.

With a final quiz and certificate.

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I have experience with many digital marketing trainers, Digital Marketing Academy was honestly the most useful to me, especially when launching our E-commerce.
Ahmad El Chab
From Designing my first logo, to building my own functional e-shop, this community helped me a lot in getting my first sale then scaling and increasing my daily income as home chef.
Samia Masry
Business Owner
The explanation was so smooth and really efficient
Amena Akkad
It was all amazing, I really benefited a lot, especially with tips I can use right now in my job. Thank you.
Ghiwa Riman
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