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  • Does the course update with time?
    Yes! All courses lessons are updated. And new sections may be added whenever a major update rolls out, or whenever we want to share a new strategy or update an old one.  The new sections will have a note next to them so you know that they are newly added.
  • How can I pay for the course?
    After checkout, our team will contact you for payment details via Western Union/OMT/Whish/Paypal (You can pay in $, EUR or in LBP daily $ rate). You can also pay via cash pickup if you’re in Beirut Lebanon (LBP daily $ rate or USD).
  • Can this be applied to dropshipping?
    The same exact concept applied to an E-commerce brand can be applied to dropshipping. The only difference is from where you ship the products after you receive an order (from stock or from supplier).
  • Do I need to have a website?
    You don’t need to have a website to follow the course in general, but a number sections of the course focuses on how to connect your website to Facebook & Instagram in case you have one. This improves your targeting. Some Facebook ads objectives require having a website linked (Conversion objective). If you don’t have a website now you can skip these parts and come back to them later once needed.
  • Is this for Facebook and Instagram?
    Yes for both Facebook and Instagram which are connected through the ads manager (Meta Ads).
  • How many sessions is the course? Are they recorded or live?
    The course is divided to 100+ short lessons, for a total of 11+ hours training. The sessions are recorded so you can follow at your own pace. Plus, a one on one 20 mins live call with Jad where you can ask your course related questions is included in this course  (You will be informed about exact day by email).
  • What if I have questions about the course?
    A one on one 20 mins live call with Jad where you can ask your course related questions is included in this course  (You will be informed about exact day by email).
  • Do I receive a certificate?
    If you successfully complete all the quizzes (Above 70%) at the end of each section, you will receive a certificate of achievement Level 1 from digital marketing academy middle east.
  • Who is the instructor?
    Jad El Dana, main instructor at Digital Marketing Academy Middle East (Since 2017). Click Here for more details about Jad. Or check @digitalmarketingacademy.me on Instagram.
  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?
    Yes we do. If within 3 days you find that this course is not for you and that you won’t benefit from it, we will offer you a full refund and remove your enrollment.
  • Is this course for Ecommerce products only?
    This course goes in depth for any E-commerce business, whether products or services you sell or plan to sell online. Information explained can also be used by any business wanting to grow its social media profiles or online/offline traffic, but the course is mainly for selling online products or services.
  • When does the course start? Can I finish it at my own pace? Do I have lifetime access?
    The course lessons can be accessed after registration and payment. You can finish it at your own pace. You will have access to the course material as long as the course is live and updated (for a minimum of 1 year after registration). But it is advised to finish the course before the end of registration month, to attend the Q&A live group session.
  • Who is this course for? And for which levels?
    This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to run Facebook and Instagram ads from A to Z, to sell products or services online. It is made for both Beginners and Intermediate levels to take your skills to the Advanced Level. Everything is explained step by step so anyone experienced or not can follow. It gradually explains more advanced concepts.
  • Is this course in Arabic or English?
    This course is in Arabic (Arabic Lebanese Dialect), specifically designed for the Mena region countries. Some English specific digital marketing terms are used during the course. You can check the free course lesson in table to see an example lesson (In Ads Strategies Section).
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